with Heidi Pascual

  • Alignment principles of classical asana
  • Pranayama and kriya techniques
  • Meditation and japa techniques
  • Yoga assists and adjustments
  • Creative vinyasa krama (sequencing)
  • Form and flow
  • Dynamic flow to apex pose
  • Creative class planning
  • Thematic gateways
  • Weaving story and mythology into creative sequencing
  • Integration of yoga philosophy and traditional texts into choreography
  • Authentic voicing and expression
  • Precise use of Sanskrit terms
  • Crafting eclectic playlists
  • Teaching skills and methodology
  • Developing and defining yoga style and voice
  • Yogic lifestyle and ethical living
  • Business vision and development

Anatomy & Physiology
with Chris Swain

  • Anatomy basics and directional movements
  • Bone, muscle, tendon and ligament structure
  • Joint classification
  • Connective tissue and fascia
  • Functional anatomy and biomechanics of sketetal system and major muscle groups
  • Common injury, conditions and contraindications
  • Major organs: respiratory, digestive and cardiovascular systems
  • Spine anatomy
  • The nervous and endocrine system

with Heidi Pascual & Daniel Simpson

  • Esoteric anatomy: the chakras, prana and nadis, chi and meridians, prana vayus, the pancha koshas
  • The history of yoga
  • The early Upanishads
  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra
  • The Bhagavad Gita
  • Tantric traditions
  • Physical practices
  • Modern dilemma

with Evelina Bolognini 

  • Promotional materials
  • Website and branding
  • Images
  • Copywriting
  • Social media
  • Vision and development

Throughout the training, you will have the opportunity to attend, observe and assist the Holis Wellness Centre studio classes which are taught in a variety of styles with experienced yoga teachers. You will also be assigned OM work and svadhyaya (self study) at end of each day to enrich and deepen your own leaning. The reading list offers extensive study of key texts for each aspect of yoga explored on this course. You will benefit from reading essential texts prior to the training.

You will be assessed on three book reviews, a sadhana project, an Anatomy and Physiology exam, a Philosophy essay, a research essay and an observed class. The book reviews, philosophy essay and yoga research project can be completed post training. You will graduate a fully qualified yoga teacher with internationally recognised certification and a wonderful journey ahead of you.

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