I have gone to Heidi’s classes for about 6 years now. As a student even though I’m a qualified teacher, I still learn so much from her classes. It is such an amazing personal practice. Heidi has so much experience and a very in-depth training. She continues to grow and invest in this- which shows in her teachings. She always honours original texts and culture and weaves the teachings in beautifully. Heidis retreats are incredible – a real treat and something to be experienced. She immerses you in natural beauty of the area and filled with yoga and love. My personal retreat favourites were Norfolk and Scotland. We are so lucky to have her local to us!
Gina Shaw

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Heidi, she is an incredible yoga teacher & I feel blessed to practise with her. She makes me feel so at ease and supported in every class & I have found myself discovering new depths to my yoga practise every time. Heidi’s teachings go so much further than just asana, she brings history and mythology into the class & teaches us the way of life as a yogi & how much peace, joy & connection it brings. Every class is a chance to tune in and nurture your body, challenge yourself & feel connected. Everyone is welcome & everyone is appreciated.
Samantha Wright
Heidi is a hugely experienced and supportive Yoga teacher. Her practices feel inclusive of all abilities and are connected to all the different elements of yoga. Her weekly classes have been an essential part of my lockdown survival, and I cannot wait to attend her workshops in the studio when we are allowed back out into the world!
Brogan Alexandra 
I’ve been attending Heidi’s yoga classes for five years. I absolutely love her incredible enthusiasm and the care she puts into every class, as well as the knowledge she brings to her teaching about the story of yoga and the workings of the human body. The classes are hard and I feel so good after every single one of them!
Jes Fernie 
Heidi is the most wonderful of teachers, I have been practicing with her for many years and look forward every week to spending time on the mat with her. Her classes are full of inspiration, alignment, joy and growth. Her retreats are amazing and she dedicates her whole self for you individually. I have felt uplifted, energised, balanced and calm in equal measure and cannot imagine a greater teacher to take you through your yoga journey.
Anna Anderson 
I started Vinyasa yoga classes with Heidi two months ago as a beginner. In that time, I have learned and grown so much in my practice. Heidi is a natural and nurturing teacher, she explains every pose and movement in intricate detail, allowing you to learn about your body and understand each moment. Heidi is aspirational and shares her endless knowledge in a loving style, telling stories which immerse you in the deeper history and power of yoga for body and mind. Heidi’s storytelling and mindful positivity elevate the experience above a yoga class and every hour with her, becomes enriching and therapeutic for the body, mind and soul. I have learned more than just yoga in the last two months and it has helped me a lot. If you are new or very experienced in yoga, I would really recommend Heidi’s classes to everyone.
Natalia Child
Heidi’s classes are creative, inspiring and energetic. Her Vinyasa Flow is intelligently sequenced and since starting her online sessions this time last year, I have continued to love her yoga teaching and am not sure what I would do without them. So much so, I signed up for her Yoga Teacher Training last summer which has led to a much deeper understanding and appreciation of yoga and Heidi’s awesome style. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a dynamic and authentic yoga class. The best yoga classes I’ve attended and I’ve been practising yoga for over 15 years. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher and reinvigorating my yoga journey!
Hannah Smithson
Where to start!! I absolutely love Lotus Love Yoga, Heidi is such an amazing yoga teacher. Her years of studying the art of yoga shines through in every class. I am constantly learning in each session. In the couple of years I have been attending Heidi’s classes I have improved so much and I am so proud of what I have achieved. Heidi’s classes challenge me but also allows me to completely immerse myself in the ancient teachings of yoga. I W ould thoroughly recommend to anyone wanting to start out as a new yogi or an experienced yogi as Heidi expertly caters for all abilities. I also recommend Heidi’s gong bath sessions I feel so uplifted after the class. I have also met some lovely people at Heidi’s classes. Everyone is so welcoming a great place to practice yoga.
Sammy Lee
Heidi is a fabulous yoga instructor! She is super knowledgeable and manages to weave in stories and meditation in an enjoyable way (from someone who struggles with that kind of thing!). Classes are challenging and you will definitely work up a sweat but your body will thank you for it after! I highly recommend any retreats as well, a great mix of yoga which allows you to progress your practice and relaxation so that you return to earth rejuvenated and reenergised. Highly recommended!!
Abby Reilly 
Heidi is an amazing yoga instructor. I have attended her classes for many years and have found them to extremely enjoyable. She goes out of her way to assist and help you get the very best out of each pose. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone considering yoga as a way of keeping fit or relaxation.
Charlotte Hopkins

Contact Heidi Pascual at deepmist4@hotmail.co.uk to find out more.

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