I hold the E-RYT 500 designation from Yoga Alliance and Excellence in Yoga Teacher Training Awards. I am blessed to share this inspirational, internationally recognised 200 hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training. This life enriching yoga experience is designed to elevate aspiring yoga teachers, deepen your knowledge and practice, align with the heart of yoga and follow your own heart’s calling.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Intensive 
14 October – 5 November 2024
Holis Wellness Centre, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica 

‘The depth and breadth of knowledge which Heidi shares with all of her heart is absolutely phenomenal and deeply transformative!’

Becoming a yoga teacher is an incredible journey of discovery. This Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Intensive will enable you to gain the knowledge, insight and skills to grow into a confident, creative, inspiring yoga teacher. You will learn to teach classical asana with precision and creativity, authentically inspired by yogic traditions, in resonance with the heart of yoga.

You will learn the history of yoga, yoga theory, explore precise alignment of classical asana and Sanskrit terms. You will explore the harmony of sthira and sukha, dynamic flow to peak pose and creative sequencing, infused with mudra, mythology, symbolism and story. You will learn how to weave yoga philosophy and classical yoga texts into creative choreography, infusing contemporary vinyasa with ancient insight. You will deepen and develop your daily sadhana, embodying the heart and wisdom of yoga. This unique yoga alchemy will empower you to develop an authentic voice and style that defines you as a yoga teacher.

Additionally, you will experience expert guest teachers in Anatomy and Physiology relative to teaching yoga; detailed exploration of esoteric anatomy, Indian Philosophy and classical yoga texts; develop visionary business and marketing skills to build a successful career as a yoga teacher and follow your own heart’s calling.

You will experience this Yoga Teacher Training over twenty-four days in three unique inspirational immersions at the beautiful Holis Wellness Center studio in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. You will share this enriching yoga experience with other aspiring sadhakas who will grow to become your sangha (community) on this journey and beyond. I am blessed to share the way and support you in the unfolding of your own soul journey.

Are you ready for the journey?

The Teacher

I have twenty years experience teaching across the globe in different specialisms, a Post Graduate Certificate of Education in English and ten years experience as a Yoga Teacher. I have a successful full-time career, sharing Vinyasa Flow, Dharma Yoga and Yin Yoga classes, workshops, festivals, worldwide retreats and yoga community. My yoga journey expanded spontaneously and rapidly, unfolding with many enriching experiences, colourful travels, beautiful friendships and soul growth.

I have completed over a thousand hours of training with international tutors who have instilled inspiration and authenticity into my yoga practice and teaching. My extensive travels in India also allowed authentic insight into the history, tradition and practice of yoga.

As a writer and teacher of literature, I am innately inspired by language and art; therefore creative narrative, mythic story and philosophy infuse my choreography. I offer an authentic sadhana space through precise use of Sanskrit language, yoga philosophy and traditional texts. These creative qualities are woven within precise alignment of classical asana. I offer yoga assists and adjustments throughout my classes to align and enhance postures, opening space for partner assists and play within the class.

I have received Excellence in Yoga Teacher Training Awards. It is a joy to share my knowledge and experience with you in this inspirational Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training.

The Training

This 200 hour Yoga Alliance accredited Teacher Training Intensive offers comprehensive, experiential education, empowering you to become a confident, authentic, creative yoga teacher. Heidi Pascual will lead yoga sadhana, asana analysis, pranayama and mudra, yoga philosophy and teaching methodology. You will also experience expert guest teachers in Anatomy and Physiology, Esoteric Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy, Business and Marketing.

The course will take place over twenty-four days in three unique inspirational immersions at state of the art Holis Wellness Centre studio in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. This rigorous and intensive training will enable you to fully immerse in the sadhana, satsang and sangha of yoga and grow from sadhaka to teacher without distraction of daily life. You will have the experience of living in the abundantly beautiful country of Costa Rica and make life long friendships with memories to last a lifetime.

Durga Immersion

Durga symbolises inner strength and steadiness. Devi Durga is the fortress of protection, courage and compassion on the journey of our lives. Durga Immersion shares the transformational practices of yoga that enhance and enrich the journey of your life and your knowledge and authenticity as a yoga teacher.

Durga Immersion is a journey of discovery into the ancient lineage of yoga and the tapestry of tradition that creates the contemporary practice of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. You will deepen and develop your yoga sadhana, pranayama, bandha, mudra and meditation practices, embodying the heart and wisdom of yoga. You will learn precise alignment of classical asana, anatomical planes of movement and patterns of movement. You will explore the harmony of sthira and sukha, dynamic flow to peak pose and creative sequencing, infused with mudra, metaphor and symbolism. You will explore yoga theory and esoteric anatomy of the chakras, prana and nadis, prana vayus and pancha koshas. You will learn how to enrich creative vinyasa sequencing with esoteric philosophy. The Durga journey opens the gateway to Sanskrit, the ancient language of yoga; devavani, the ancient language of the Gods.

Saraswati Immersion

Saraswati is the goddess of vak, eloquence, music, art and Science. She is the devi of divine creativity, intuition and insight in the flow of our lives. Saraswati Immersion integrates insightful darshana, perspective of Indian Philosophy, the Science of Anatomy and Physiology and the creativity of choreography and music.

Saraswati immersion is an insightful journey into Yoga Philosophy with Heidi Pascual. Exploring the links between philosophy and practice, we will examine key themes that shaped yoga’s evolution from its earliest origins to today. In the process, we will study ideas from ancient texts, including The Upanishads, The Bhagavad Gita, The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali and Tantric traditions.

Saraswati Immersion integrates this knowledge with Vinyasa Flow sadhana. You will develop creative class sequencing and explore thematic gateways that express your unique voice as a yoga teacher. You will learn how to weave yoga philosophy, classical texts and Indian mythology into choreography, infusing contemporary vinyasa with ancient insight. You will learn to craft eclectic playlists that the uplift the body, mind, soul on the yoga journeys that you create.

Saraswati immersion is also a scientific journey into Anatomy and Physiology with our incredibly knowledgeable guest teacher, Evelina Bolognini. You will explore the anatomical language and landscape of the human body; functional anatomy and biomechanics of the skeletal system and major muscle groups; major organs, the respiratory, digestive and cardiovascular systems; spine anatomy, the nervous and endocrine system.

Lakshmi Immersion

Lakshmi is the divine devi of beauty, abundance, light and radiance. She symbolises the love, grace and purity within all beings.

Lakshmi immersion deepens and develops your personal yoga sadhana and your ability to lead small asana, pranayama, mudra and meditation practices with your fellow sadhakas. We will integrate the knowledge and skills acquired on our training and channel your learning to develop your unique teaching techniques and style. You will explore the Art of Yoga Assists to enhance your teaching skills. You will cultivate and elevate your experience to become an abundant and authentic yoga teacher.

During this immersion, you will reflect on your unique yoga journey to develop an authentic voice and style that defines you as a yoga teacher. You will learn visionary business and marketing skills that enable you to build a successful yoga career that aligns with your highest intention and expression of Self. We illumine the teacher within so that you may follow your own heart’s calling.

You will graduate a qualified yoga teacher with internationally recognised Yoga Alliance certification and a wonderful journey ahead of you.

Lakshmi Immersion closes with a beautiful Graduation Celebration at Emilio’s Cafe and Sunset Gratitude Sadhana.

Retreat Days

We not only take a deep dive into the ancient and contemporary wisdom of the Yoga Tradition, we also dive into the Paradise Rivers and Waterfalls of the Costa Rican rainforest. Inspirational Retreat Days are woven into our teacher training experience and led by our Esoteric Anatomy teacher, Kerri Michie. On one of the days, we journeyed to the heart of Mother Nature at Chorro Eco Lodge. Perched on a hillside, the lodge offers views over a lush valley of rainforest and the pure, flowing turquoise waters of Rio Naranjo. We shared a sacred cacao circle, danced through the chakras, bathed in the waterfall and shared a divine lunch by the river. These truly paradise days connect our sangha in the harmony of nature and create an embodied journey into the esoteric. The second day will be a creative Chocolate Workshop learning to make chocolate from cacao bean to bar and/or healing Reiki treatments.

Study and Assessment 

Throughout the training, you will have the opportunity to attend, observe and assist the Holis Wellness Centre studio classes which are taught in a variety of styles with experienced yoga teachers. You will also be assigned OM work and svadhyaya (self study) at end of each day to enrich and deepen your own leaning. The reading list offers extensive study of key texts for each aspect of yoga explored on this course. You will benefit from reading essential texts prior to the training.

You will be assessed on a sadhana project, an Anatomy and Physiology exam, an Esoteric Anatomy exam, a research essay and an observed class. The sadhana project and yoga research essay can be completed post training. You will graduate a fully qualified yoga teacher with internationally recognised certification and a wonderful journey ahead of you.

Guest Teachers

Heidi Pascual and guest teachers have a wealth of knowledge and professional experience in their field and will provide exceptional, experiential education on their subject.

Meet your Guest Teachers here.

Teaching Investment

$2995 or $2495 early bird before 1st January 2024

Sign up with a friend for $1995 per yogi

Special rates available for Costa Rican nationals and residents

Payment plans available

  • Complete course tuition with Heidi Pascual and Holis Teachers
  • Yoga Teacher Training manual
  • State of the art Holis Wellness Center studio
  • Holis Wellness Centre membership
  • 50% discount on Holis Spa treatments
  • 30 minute holistic consultation with Evelina Bolognini
  • Discounted menu at beautiful Emilio’s Cafe
  • Manuel Antonio Nation Park entrance ticket
  • Assistance sourcing accommodation to suit your budget
  • $500 non-refundable deposit is paid at the time of booking. Course fees can be paid in full or three instalments of $1000.
  • Retreat Days cost $75 per yogi

Mentorship Program

We offer this four week livestream Mentorship Program as Continued Professional Development for our students as they begin their yoga journey and step into the seat of the teacher. This post-training personalised program supports your development in each area of our Yoga Teacher Training, enabling you to refine your daily sadhana; enhance your teaching skills to move beyond imitation towards art; activate your unique voice as a yoga teacher; elevate your insight into the ancient tapestry of yoga philosophy; cultivate your heart intention and expand the vision that carves your path; connect with your yoga sangha.

  • Four week Love Yoga online membership with Heidi Pascual
  • Four week Holis Wellness Centre online membership
  • Two observed classes and feedback sessions with Heidi Pascual
  • One private Business and Vision session with Evelina Bolognini
  • ‘The Artists Way’ with Heidi Pascual
  • Yoga Book Club
  • Two hour Community Session on Asana Analysis and Assists
  • One hour Community Session on Creative Class Planning
  • Two hour Community Session on Esoteric Anatomy
  • Two hour Community Session on Yoga Philosophy

Mentorship Investment 

$500 or $400 early bird before 1st April 2024

Teacher Training Reviews

Read reviews from previous teacher training yogis here.

Contact Heidi Pascual at deepmist4@hotmail.co.uk to express your interest in this Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Intensive and Mentorship Program.


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