I feel fully blessed to share this inspirational exploration into the sacred sadhana of yoga and ancient yoga philosophy, tradition and lineage. It has been an absolute privilege to tutor and mentor the yogis who have participated on Lotus Love Yoga Teacher Training. I have loved every moment observing the soul journey of each student as they met their own heart’s calling. We began the journey towards becoming a yoga teacher that unfolded as a journey of the Self.

An incredible learning experience! Lotus Love Vinyasa Flow Yoga School provides an authentic, inspirational and knowledgable training into the lineage and philosophy of yoga, whilst making it accessible to the modern world. Heidi’s teaching style is inspiring and nurturing. You are inspired to awaken your creativity in your own unique way through thematic gateways, postures and movement. This is an intense training that will teach you all you need to begin your journey as a yoga teacher.
Laura Sharpe

I have learned that Heidi’s reputation for perfection is more about passion than perfection. She strives to perfect everything she does  – classes, retreats, and teacher training and I realise that passion drives her long the way. She channelled her love and enthusiasm into every moment of our Yoga Teacher Training and kept the highest vibrations in the studio. Her intention is to grow and support her students and it is done with genuine love, knowledge and grace.
Jo Coldwell

It’s a privilege to have experienced this training and Heidi’s fascinating knowledge on Vinyasa Flow and yogic philosophy. Her enthusiasm and motivation was felt throughout the course. Gratitude to this amazing teacher!
Fernanda Huckle

The depth and breadth of knowledge which Heidi shares with all of her heart and passion is absolutely phenomenal and deeply transformative!
Gabrielle Zeter

Heidi is thorough and knowledgeable in each and every topic. She created each module in depth and detail, choosing incredible mentors for Anatomy and Philosophy. I have qualified feeling thoroughly prepared for my teaching career ahead. This training could not have been a more enjoyable experience.
Sophie Oliver  

I can’t say enough good things about the teacher training supplied by Lotus Love – Heidi’s passion for yoga is infectious and her energy is never ending.
Neil Beech

A fantastic Yoga Teacher Training! I started this training purely to expand my yoga practice but I am now fully inspired to teach. I am so grateful for this journey and I highly recommend.
Joanna Adams 

A fascinating journey into the Self and life; well worth the commitment and exploration.

Lotus Love Yoga School provided an extremely in depth training course. Expert Anatomy and Philosophy tutors were bought in to compliment Heidi’s excellent training in Vinyasa Yoga. I feel it has provided me with a comprehensive foundation to teach Vinyasa Flow classes.
Nicola Godwin

Not only has Lotus Love Yoga Teacher Training given me the skills, knowledge and vision to begin my journey as a yoga teacher, this course was delivered with such love and attentiveness to each individual yogi and their own journey. Each weekend was an opportunity to expand your own practice, add more to our teacher training toolkit and meet with fellow teacher trainees who have become wonderful friends.
Lizzie Croucher

I love our Lotus Love Yoga Teacher Training! It’s inspiring and challenging. Heidi is a wonderful, positive teacher.
Anna Galbraith

Just wanted to say the course is amazing and I am really enjoying it! Seeing you in your teaching teachers flow is fantastic!
Leanne Hepburn 

The teacher training you are providing us is absolutely incredible and I am so thrilled and grateful to be taking part in this transformational journey. You are aspirational teacher! Thank you for making our course so enjoyable.
Katie Stewart

Contact Heidi Pascual at deepmist4@hotmail.co.uk to express your interest in this Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training.

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