I loved the yoga. You delivered such quality execution in your teaching and a beautiful story told in each element. Thank you so much for the best week of yoga and friendship.
Matt Small

Thank you for such a wonderful week, I really loved it. The yoga was amazing, the location was gorgeous and such a lovely group of yogis.
Amelia Skyes

I just wanted to say thank you so so much for an incredible retreat. I had the most amazing time, loved the yoga and the people and will cherish the memories. I fell in love with Costa Rica. Thank you for your dedication and for making the trip so special.
Sarah Stock

What a fantastic retreat in amazing Costa Rica!
Dolina O’Neil

What a special time we all had at Pranamar with precious Heidi. Thank you so much Heidi for the trip of a lifetime.
Helen Brown

Thanks for all the love and a perfect retreat.
Gayle Berry

Heidi creates the most awe inspiring, enchanting retreats imaginable. She offers rich and authentic yoga infused with myth and metaphor which illumines each class and brings forth her uniquely beautiful brand of alchemical magic. There is enough variety to suit all tastes and she actively encourages bonds to form between participants, taking great care to ensure that no one is left out. Lotus Love Yoga creatively weaves together truly memorable retreat experiences. Heidi’s passionate teaching, astute knowledge and understanding are complimented by the breadth of opportunities to sample as much or as little of the culture & cuisine at every one of her carefully selected retreat locations. Each offering is professionally executed – with close attention to even the smallest detail. I would not hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend any of her retreats.
Emma Gurhy

Pranamar Villas you was a dream! Heidi, you are a magical yoga pixie and I’m so grateful for the adventure.
Sky Crockford

We have been to quite a few yoga retreats but Heidi’s attention to detail both in her teaching and venues keeps us coming back again and again. A great way to improve our practice and see parts of the world we wouldn’t necessarily venture to.
Sophie and Pavlos Pavili

Thank you so much for this magical trip of a lifetime. I will never forget our time here in this most special place with the most special people.
Lucy Macbrayne

So much gratitude and thanks to my dear teacher Heidi Pascual for creating this magical and memorable experience in Kerala. I will be forever grateful for the connections, love, experience, yoga and memories created. Our journey through the Goddesses has been beautiful ~ santosham.
Lara L’Esperance

Thank you for this magical week in Kerala spent with you learning and growing so much; meeting beautiful souls; seeing beautiful things. Words don’t seem to do it justice right now. It’s an experience which will stay with me my whole life.
Gabrielle Zeter

Thank you so much, Heidi. You give so much to your retreats: time, knowledge, love, and music and you always seek out the best venues with special trips and treats added in. We will feel the benefits of this for a long time and the memories are ours forever.
Jo Coldwell

The whole retreat was amazing Heidi. I feel energised pampered relaxed and more knowledgeable. This experience has opened new horizons for me.
Emine Wearie

We loved this South Indian experience with you, Heidi. The retreat was brilliant and your efforts appreciated by both of us.
Mike Sant and Marie Shreeve

Seeing Heidi waiting to greet us the very moment we arrived at the resort I knew this was going to be a truly special experience. The variety of classes, all meticulously planned and prepared were vivified by Heidi’s magical storytelling as she skillfully weaved in ancient myth and meaning to the gorgeous sadhanas. Not only was the yoga sublime but the resort itself, all the fabulous staff and the beautiful group of yogis that shared this special time could not have been more blissfully wonderful if they’d tried.
Emma Jane Gurhy

It is just so beautiful here. I feel amazing and this retreat has been brilliant.
Siobhan Clarke

Our retreat in Kerala was such a beautiful place to connect with yoga, friends, nature and local people. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have the opportunity to take part in this retreat, which would not have been possible without Heidi’s creativity and amazing work. I am truly thankful to you for bringing us all together in your retreats.
Rayner Mackenzie

Our yoga retreat was wonderfully ‘warm’ in every possible way. My fellow yogis, the hermitage, the hermitage family and the beautiful swimming pool were all perfect. 
Andrea Looker

Every so often in life we have an experience so beautiful that we almost want to pinch ourselves to see if it is true…the yoga retreat in Kerala was one such time for me. The venue was sublime, the staff genuinely caring and warm, the food divine, the treatments pampering, and the yoga classes with Heidi were, like always,  absolutely top-notch. I made some wonderful new friendships and strengthened already existing bonds with fellow yogis. The memories will stay with me forever. Thank you, Heidi, for making it all happen!
Jennifer O’Connell

When Heidi told me there was last minute space opened up on her Soul Sanctuary Retreat in Kerala, I knew that I was meant to go. Sometimes saying ‘yes’ to treating yourself is the hardest thing to do. But when your heart sets an intention, the universe does everything it can to make things happen for you! From the beginning of the trip and throughout the retreat, I felt myself growing stronger and more open to letting life flow more freely through me. It was uplifting to share travelling with friends from our UK yoga community and experience Heidi’s unique blend of inspirational storytelling and challenging asana flow in paradise. I have returned home filled with gratitude for all of the kalyanamitras, soul friends, I’ve made on this journey, who I know I will remain connected with always. Namaste!
Lou Hart

I feel so very privileged to have been a part of Heidi’s Soul Sanctuary retreat in Kerala, India. This retreat was the greatest gift and I have returned home with – the gift that keeps giving! Heidi’s very unique essence, talents, intention, and love could be felt rippling throughout this retreat experience. Her choice of venue, yoga practice and beautiful location – all were in complete alignment and exceeded any expectation I may have had. I would highly recommend to anyone who feels the pull towards one of Heidi’s offerings. This powerful ‘yes’ to yourself will not fail to light up your being and feed your soul.
Cath Bishop

What a warm welcome awaited us at Neeleshwar! And, after a week lapping up the lush beauty of the surroundings, practising yoga to the gentle sounds of the sea, I returned thoroughly refreshed, with a bunch of new friends and feeling at least a couple of centimetres taller.
Paula Chivlers

Contact Heidi Pascual at deepmist4@hotmail.co.uk to find out more.

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