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Yin Yoga Journeys

I have recently completed a Yin Yoga Teacher Training and I wanted to share some of the insights I have learned on my Yin Yoga journey.

Meridians – Pranamaya Kosha

For thousands of years, Taoism has taught the essential source essence of all life is wu chi. This is synonymous with the Sanskrit term prana, ki in Japanese or lung in Tibetan. Chinese medicine is based on the concept of chi as the dynamic source energy of creation. These ancient wisdom traditions discovered that chi flows through the body in an intricate network of energetic pathways called meridians. The meridian channels are housed in our deep connective tissues, passing through our visceral organs and vital energy centres. In opening the meridian pathways, we increase the flow of chi that nourishes the tissues and organs of the body; amplifies our energy and enhances our capacity to absorb more chi.

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