Yoga is an ancient Indian tradition, developed over centuries as a powerful, holistic practice. Yoga is a way of life, intended to strengthen and purify the body, increase and release the flow of breath and cultivate a sense of clarity, serenity and stillness. Yoga has evolved and expanded over thousands of years, adpating to the times, moving across land and continents until it reached and touched most corners of the world. In today’s fast paced, modern world, more and more people are discovering yoga, the blissful experience the pratctice brings and the many styles of yoga that have developed. The ancient roots of yoga branch open into many lineages, styles and practices, therefore there is something for everyone to enjoy. Asana (postures) strengthens the body, develops flexibility, balance and poise. Pranayama (breath awareness) increases the flow of breath in the body, cultivating a sense of mental clarity and equilibrium. A sense of stillness, serenity and calm emerges like the rising sun, gently leading the yogi towards the deeper practice of mediation. Our unique existence in this world is creative dance between our physical being, our spiritual self and the inner light that makes us shine. Yoga is a beautiful, creative practice that unionises these aspects of each and every one of us, an open space to explore your-Self on the simplicity of a yoga mat. Yoga enhances physical health, emotional well-being, cultivating a sense of balance, lightness and smile.


Beautiful Benirras Beach, Ibiza

The moon, the sister of the sun,

Reflecting time since it began,

The stars the twinkle in my eye,

My soul to the stars when I will die.

The rhythmic sound of jungle’s night,

Creates the air I breathe tonight,

The moon, the wind behind the tide,

From this, the bliss in me will rise.

Lotus Flower, Buddhas Love,

Mirrors me from skies above,

Yogini bright, like a star at night,

Timeless truth, shining light.

Om Shanti

by Lotus Love