Yoga is an ancient Indian tradition and way of life. It is a timeless practice that has developed over thousands of years, moving across cultures and continents, evolving with humanity. Today, yoga has expanded worldwide, as people discover the transformational, evolutionary experience the practice brings.

The tree of yoga stems from ancient roots, opening into many branches. Asana strengthens the body, developing mobility, flexibility, posture and poise. Pranayama expands the flow of breath, our innate vitality, creating inner clarity and calm. This holistic experience unionises the body and mind, gently guiding the yogi towards the stillness and serenity of meditation.

I have trained as a Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher. Vinyasa Yoga was pioneered by Krishnamacharya in India in the late 19th century as healing, therapeutic practice. Vinyasa Flow Yoga stems from the Krishnamacharya lineage, combining the styles of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga. Vinyasa Flow is expressed as a series of creative namaskars, lovingly sequenced and choreographed to music. Classical asana is guided by the rhythm of the breath, creating a tandava, a graceful dance of breath and movement.

Our unique existence in this world is the creative synergy of our physical body, esoteric body and the inner light that makes us shine. Yoga harmonises these aspects of your nature, creating an inner space to explore your-Self on the simplicity of a yoga mat. The experience you encounter on your mat integrates into your being, flowing freely into your life. Your inner lightness and smile come into the present moment.

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