Life is the Perfect Storm

The power of a thunder storm: the rolling roar of thunder, torrents of relentless rain, deep, dark clouds pierced by shafts of jagged, lightening daggers, An intense energy erupts from the sky, calling the angry clouds to gather; an explosion charged with uncontrollable, unstoppable power.

Yet, there is beauty, there is magic…

What lies behind and beyond this storm, this raw volcanic energy? The source of the storm is spirit, soul. Storm energy is the passionate expression of our hearts to live, to love, to grow into our fullest, highest potential that we can.

Life is the perfect storm.

Dance in the rain, move with to the rhythm of thunder, roll with gathering clouds. The power of the storm is the power within you, the beauty, the magic and the peace beyond is your journey.

Natarajasana: rooted to the earth, to love, to spirit, to peace; yet dancing in the perfect storm of life.

There is beauty in every moment ~ we are truly blessed.