Namaste Nepal

Gentle Heart

Mountain steps fall softly to the Earth,
Light hearts lift to the open skies,
Serenity blossoms like the mountain flower,
Rivers cry soft tears within their eyes.

Himalayan hills, soaring eagles fly,
Green valleys roll below the mountains high,
Vast forests weave textured shades of green,
Rhododendrons bloom, bursting colour to the sky.

Sunrise lights a pure white skyline,
Himalayan peaks lift to celestial light,
Silent strength of foreboding power,
Exquisite presence of beauty bright.

Humble hearts to the essence of Earth,
Like sunrise to sunset and the stars to the moon,
The seasons turn like the cycles of life,
Their soulful song resonant with nature’s tune.

Strength like the mountains, spirit like the sky,
Ancient roots to the Earth, the sun that lights their eyes,
Buddha nature is their spiritual path,
A river of peace, a gentle heart.


Gratitude allows us to see the beauty and blessings in our lives and we are truly blessed.