School Gift Nepal Project

image4I have recently returned from an incredible trip to Nepal. A country blessed with the beauty of nature, open skies, snow capped Himalayan peaks, forests and flowers, mountain lakes, flowing rivers, ancient medieval cities and preserved indigenous Newari culture.


Nepali people are a wonderful nation. Close to the Earth in spirit with wide open hearts like the mountain sky. They have a soft, sweet, soulful nature; welcoming, light, humble and kind.


The place that most deeply touched my heart was Bandipur, set in the rolling, green foothills of the Himalayas. This beautiful Newari village consists of colourful, traditional houses, stone, pedestrianised streets, bright rhododendron flowers and local shops. Bandipur and the surrounding villages are nestled in the hills, living a life close to nature, stepping back in time.


In 2005, the government developed the area as a cultural-tourism destination, therefore preserving the natural way of life, whilst converting traditional buildings into guesthouses and local restaurants to attract international visitors. A flow of foreigners now visit this beautiful place and are touched by its magic.

The only village building to fall in the earthquake was the Bandipur government school. This school educates 800 children from the poorest families in the surrounding communities. Some children walk two hours along mountain paths to attend. Education and speaking English is vital in Nepal, as unemployment is high and the biggest industry is tourism. If children are able to speak English when they leave school, they will be able to work in hotels and restaurants, or as tour operator and guides. Having witnessed and spoken to local people, I understand that education is imperative to development in Nepalese society. Whilst it’s wonderful for tourists to experience living history, the people of Nepal deserve to move with the times and improve their living conditions and life chances.


Education is key to sustainable development in Nepal.

The school has now been rebuilt by UK volunteers. I love our country for the continuous support given during global crisis; deep down we know how truly blessed we are! Now the school is open, we have another opportunity to outstretch our loving arms to this community. Bandipur government school needs educational materials, particularly for learning English:

English Grammar text books for the teachers
Nepalese – English dictionaries for students and teachers
Picture English dictionaries
Children’s reading books
Exercise books
Anything else you can think of…

School Gift Nepal Project coordinates with The Old Inn, Bandipur in the distribution of school materials. They have been central in distribution of resources and reconstructing damage in the area post earthquake.

You can contribute to this collection by purchasing an educational gift, providing  packaging and postage for this to be sent to Nepal. You can do this individually, in pairs or groups. Your gift  will have use and value for years to come.


You know where and how your resources are being placed and used. I will also share photos of these life gifts you are collectively offering the to children of Bandipur.

We are privileged to live in a society where education and a bright future is at our finger tips. Ourselves and our children have access to an excellent education and a multitude of opportunities.

Let’s share this gift with gratitude!

If you would like to participate in this project, please contact me on 07814 245194 or email me at

The Red Lion Bookshop is participating in this project and can assist you in purchasing the best gift for the most economical price. They will also be able to source excellent materials direct  from educational production companies. Jo Coldwell will be personally available to help you on Mondays, Thursday mornings and Saturdays.

Red Lion Book Shop
High Street, Colchester

Once you have your gift, including packaging and postage to Bandipur, Nepal, please give this to me and I will organise the distribution. The closing date for this this collection opportunity is July 22nd. I intend to work closely with Bandipur government school in the future.

If you feel passionately about this project and would like to help on a greater scale, please pass this information to your friends, colleagues or company.

Let’s come together to create a brighter, lighter, fairer, more joyful, loving world!