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Your Own Heart’s Calling

The power of intention is widely recognised in popular contemporary culture. Sankalpa (intention) is also an ancient spiritual practice that can be traced back to the Vedic source of the yoga tradition: A person is what his deepest desire is. It is our deepest desire in this life that shapes the life to come – Chandogya Upanishad.


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Pura Vida Yoga Retreat

26th January – 1st February 2020
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

I was blessed to share a stunning yoga retreat in the exquisite beauty of Costa Rica. Costa Rica is one the most beautiful and biodiverse countries on the planet, an ecological gem of tropical rainforests, rolling green hills and pristine beaches. Costa Rican culture is defined as pura vida, pure life, where the beauty and power of nature is the temple and sunlight is the soul. Read More…