The Power of Intention

A new season, a new year, a new moon: a new beginning. These are beautiful opportunities to reflect on the flow of our lives; to celebrate the love, beauty and joy we experience; to consider the aspects of our lives and selves that we would love to enhance and expand.

Life is a journey of possibility, growth and evolution.

Becoming aware of our daily experience and inner journey, creates an open a channel through which we are able to consciously interact with the ebb and flow of life. We must simply open our hearts to hear our deepest truth, enabling us to lighten and brighten our world.

A sankalpa is an intention. A conscious, inspired aspiration; a heart-felt desire supported by  determination and dedication. Reflection on our lives, our world, our truth, allows us to perceive how our experience can become more joyful, beautiful, blissful. A sankalpa will set these possibilities in motion.

As we integrate this sankalpa into our daily lives, it naturally unfolds. We raise the frequency of our energetic field, fully participating with life in conscious harmony. The universe responds to our new vibration and our heart-felt desire tangibly manifests.

Intention becomes thought, becomes action, becomes habit, becomes character, becomes destiny. We are the author of our own life story and the painter of our inner landscape. Be the change you wish to see in the world; create the happiness that lives in your heart.

Be the love, bliss and beauty that lives in your heart,
cultivated by the ancient practices of yoga