Inspirational Italy

13‘Stay Inspired’ was a teaching that I received at the end of a beautiful yoga class a few years ago, a message I hold close to my heart. We live in an exquisite world, blessed by natural beauty, colourful culture and humanity’s loving heart. We are truly blessed to be alive. Sometimes we are so absorbed in the intricacies of our lives that we miss the bigger picture, the inspirations, the teachings that are around us at every moment.

Italy beholds beauty beyond words, a place to truly taste the pleasure of life. The golden sun casts her light rays on mountain peaks in a deep, blue sky; dancing light reflects upon serene, blue lakes; shades of green rise and fall over peaceful Tuscan hills; fields of yellow sunflowers smile brightly for the sun; turquoise ocean gently flows towards soft, golden sands. Ancient civilisations adorn historic cities with sculptures, architecture, art and culture; it is a living memory of humanity in times gone by.

Music, art, poetry, history, culture, language, food, drink, people and love…the blessings of our world, truly alive in this beautiful, bountiful country.


I have just returned from teaching a wonderful yoga retreat in Casperia, a medieval village nestled in the Sabine Hills in the Lazio region of Italy. Casperia is a picturesque, hill top village, preserved in its original architecture and stone, overlooking rolling, green hills, blue sky horizons and golden sunsets. There is stillness that roots your body in your soul and your heart in your being. Teaching yoga surrounded by green hills, forested with woodland; sharing yogic philosophy within ancient, medieval, stone walls; practising the ancient art of yoga amidst the colour and beauty of Earth ~ magical.

2My Italian experience was enhanced exploring the stunning cities of Florence and Rome, both living museums of art, culture, colour and beauty. Italy is an indulgent stimulation of the senses that inspires the mind, heart and soul. Opulent ruins of times gone by, intricate, sculptured architecture, ancient, mythical stories; enlivened within a vibrant, contemporary city. Walking amongst this historic magnificence, our innate creativity and curiosity is awakened.

Observing the truth that whole civilisations rise and fall, we realise that we are here on this incredible Earth for just a fleeting moment in time. We are blessed to share, experience and absorb the wonder of our world; to learn, evolve and grow. Our time is here and now; our life experience is our teacher; our learning, the expansion of our soul. There is so much beauty around us at every moment, therefore we must open our eyes, interact with our world and perceive that we are a part of this intricate creation.

Stay truly inspired.