A Little Piece of Paradise – Sardinia Yoga, Porto Cervo, Sardinia

1I have just returned from teaching a beautiful Vinyasa Flow Yoga Retreat for Sardinia Yoga. It really was a little piece of paradise.

The Grand Hotel in Porto Cervo is a unique, boutique, luxurious environment set in lawned, colourful gardens surrounded by stunning, natural beauty. The hotel is positioned on forested hill top, offering ocean views from the gardens, outdoor pool, jacuzzi, and relaxation areas. The deep, blue sky, the golden sun, the colour of nature enlivens and soothes your body and being.


Each morning, I awoke at dawn to watch the deep pink sun rise into an open expanse of celeste blue sky, the horizon met by the soft, calm, blue sea. My eyes, heart and soul opened with the dawn of the day. My sunrise practice was exquisite, overlooking the green, forested hills that sloped down onto the white, sandy bay and crystal, turquoise-blue sea; the sun rising, lighting the land with colour. My body, mind and soul inspired.


Having immersed my being in the beauty of the island, I was energised and inspired to create this experience and emotion with my yoga students.

It is one of the most beautiful places I have shared Vinyasa Flow Yoga. The spacious, white, wooden yoga deck overlooks the emerald-blue sea, green forest and golden, sandy beach. The colour and beauty of the landscape enhancing our practice, the spacious sky expanding our being.


Light, lifted and lovingly energised, guests indulged in a delicious, healthy Italian brunch. The colourful, Mediterranean cuisine replenished yoga energies; our eyes, skin and bodies had a glow of health and sunshine after only a few days.

The rest of the day was free to explore the stunning, sandy beaches, swim in the sea, snorkel, cycle the island or simply relax by pool under an infinite, blue sunshine sky. Sunset yoga classes were offered in the late afternoon for guests who wished to deepen their daily practice. A cultural excursion to a local market and a beautiful boat trip around the stunning island are easily arranged. Your time in Sardinia is story of your own creation. Simply listen to the sound of the sea, your heart, your soul and create your experience.


People from various professions and backgrounds are attracted to this yoga holiday, coming individually or with friends. United by a love for yoga, nature, good food and sunshine, the group dynamic was sociable, fun and friendships formed. It was an open, relaxed, atmosphere so that people could choose to spend some precious solitary time alone or join the evening meals out to local, authentic Italian restaurants.


This is an unique yoga experience and a beautiful island holiday, spiced with Italian sophistication and a stunning, natural environment. You cannot help but relax, smile and fall head over heels in love!

To find out more about Sardinia Yoga visit: www.sardiniayoga.com

£695 per yogi (7 nights)

£355 per yogi (3 nights)

Limited spaces available