Winter Solstice

1The cycle of life is so beautiful and the world around us is a stunning metaphor for our exquisite existence. Nature is the faithful teacher by our side at every moment ~ a reflection of innermost being.

The winter solstice will take place on December 21st this year. This is a time when the North Pole is tilted furthest away from the sun, when the Antarctic Circle is total darkness and when we receive our least daylight hours. It is a time rest, restore and renew with the stark, still beauty of Earth.

The winter solstice is considered a time of blessing, as from this day forward, light begins to brighten and lighten our days. It is symbolic of light overcoming darkness, meaning ‘there is only the good’. This concept is celebrated throughout in India in October as the Diwali Festival of Light. Christians believe that baby Jesus was born on December 25th because he brought ‘true light upon the world’ in a time of darkness and from that day on, true light would bless our world. The Incas celebrated this time to honour the sun gods and the blessings of life to come; this continues in Cusco today.

Light is symbolic of the divine essence, the innate being, the essential self that lies within each of us and all of creation. It is this light and truth that we connect to through the beautiful practice of yoga.


The winter solstice is a time to celebrate light, a time to connect to this sweet essence through the beautiful practice of yoga

Rest Means Renewal

A perfect winter practice combines an energising flow to warm your being; restorative yoga to rest and nurture your body; meditation to bring your mind and spirit to deep stillness.