‘Love to Flow’ Yoga Retreat, Glastonbury

blog imageGlastonbury is said to be the heart chakra of the world. The depths of ancient history, the rising hills and sacred sites create a magical energy that resonates with both heart and soul. There is a deep earthy energy that resides in the land; water energy flows through the Somerset Levels, where the sea used to roll in and out to the base of the Tor; the Tor reaches majestically to the sky. It is a magical place that is steeped myth, folklore, history and a deep sense of spirituality.

The Earth Spirit centre is stunningly beautiful, surrounded by hills, woodland and rolling countryside ~ feeling free. The 19th century converted barn is built in local stone, with high ceilings and wooden beams. The outdoor terrace overlooks peaceful gardens, which lead to fields and a colourful, wild flower garden. The yoga studio has wooden floors, a vaulted ceiling and beams ~ there is a beautiful energy that lights up the heart of your practice.

The yoga practices flowed through the elements of earth, water, fire, air, ether and light; rising through the seven chakras, energy centres; balancing the five vayus, wind or motion of prana; deepening through the koshas, the layers of our being, towards inner light, innate being, essential self. We shared pranayama, meditation, beautiful creative sequencing, uplifting, soulful music, relaxation and deep yoga nidra.

There was a lot of love and a beautiful connection between our group of 21 yogis ~ a real sense of magic and resonance that touch everybody’s heart.

We enjoyed a delicious detox of vegetarian food, a bonfire under the stars, hot tub, sauna and country walks. On our Sunday evening class, James Holingsworth played live music choreographed to the sequencing of our heart chakra practice, which was soul inspiring. He had dinner with us and played a gig in the main hall, while we chilled on our colourful, yoga cushions.

We bonded taking the ancient pilgrimage up St Michaels Hill to Glastonbury Tor; the energy was tangibly real! On the way down, we passed Chalice Wells and drank the holy water ~ there is definitely something in the Glastonbury water! On our last night was had a gorgeous meal at the Hundred Monkeys restaurant, whose food, service and ethos is beautiful.

‘When a number of people learn a new way, it may remain in the conscious property of the people. But there is a point at which, if only one more person tunes in to a new awareness, a field is strengthened so that this awareness is picked up by almost anybody!’


After our last elemental practice, a real live Glastonbury hippie came from the Shekin Ashram to play Kirtan for us and filled the room with love and light.

It was an incredible experience for everybody and Glastonbury now lives in my heart, anahata, forever!

Om Shanti

Heidi Pascual, Yoga Artist

Satisfied Yogis

Thanks for a fantastic yoga retreat. You were amazing and the love, passion and enthusiasm came straight from your heart. You have inspired us all and created many great friendships by bringing us together in your special way. You were definitely born to do this Heidi. Love n Light!

Mike Sant

Booking a 4 day yoga retreat with Lotus Love Yoga was probably the kindest thing I’ve ever given myself. Magical.

The power of the group was infectious when led by Heidi; a really special and energised yoga experience. I havent come away wanting to learn more; rather that I have come away feeling content with what I have learnt. Warm hosting, super organisation. Heidi has the knowledge of a learned yogi combined with the inter-personal skills of a natural teacher. She has integrity and intelligence which when combined with a true passion for her art make for a perfect retreat.

Jo Coldwell

Thank you for a wonderful retreat near Glastonbury – it was all I had hoped for and so much more – the yoga practices were inspiring – as a beginner I know I have loads to learn and at times battled to keep up but so enjoyed it you are such a wonderful talented yogi teacher I wish I lived in Colchester; the group of yogis were such lovely people; the accommodation, location and food were also great. Thank you thank you and congratulations for organising such a great retreat.

Carole Heiriss

The retreat was amazing. I literally loved every single minute of it. Thank you Heidi.

Helen Sherfield

What an amazing experience, in an amazing location and with such amazing people! Thank you all for making it such a memorable experience and one that will stay with us all for a very long time!!!

I hope to see you all again and am hoping to join you on the French Retreat! Namaste.

Lara L’Esperance

Good work Heidi!!! Im so glad I had the opportunity to come on this retreat it was a truly amazing experience!The classes were so thoughtfully and carefully put together and I loved them!Thank you for all your hard work with the retreat – it was a truly amazing experience!!

Christina Sjostrom

A very special thank you to Heidi for organising her firstretreat so exceptionally well and with such attention to detail anddiversity.

Sue Nelson

I am definitely up for more yoga retreat loveliness and will put my name down for both the May and September ones. Getting excited already!

Siobhan Clarke

I loved your energy and passion that shone. You have a gift for noticing and making people feel good. You are a great teacher. I loved the venue and the group and the food and my comfy bed and the whole experience. I thought that you put together a really special programme, including the outside musicians, the walk over the Tor and Hungry Monkey feast!!

Anna Roberts

Loved the whole experience and everything and everyone. It was one of the most memorable weekends I’ve ever had and am missing it. I wish it was this time last week.

Lucy Macbrayne

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