One Love

In many parts of the world, the month of February is a time to celebrate the eternal emotion of love. Love is the freedom to fly; that brings your soul alive; that unites two hearts entwined. The love that is in your heart creates the light that illumines your world. The deeper you love, the brighter your soul, thus humanity’s heart is deeply moved and touched by the power of love.

There are infinite expressions of love and kindness, inspiring tender hearts since the beginning of time. A mothers love; a lovers love; true friendship; selfless love; a sweet smile that lights your heart; a loving outstretched hand. Love is our teacher, our friend, our parent, our child. It is warmth on a cold, wintry day, the sun that shines beyond the clouds. When our hearts are open, our spirit shines like the stars.

‘The most ancient traveller in the world is called love. Even before this Earth came to existence, that omnipotent and omniscient power called truth expanded to create the universe because of love. Love means expansion’ ~ Swami Rama

Love has a power like no other. Mahatma Gandhi, meaning Great Soul, brought peace and freedom to India through his actions of peace and love. Mother Theresa, Aung San Suu Kyi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama and Mata Amritanandamayi are remembered and revered for their altruistic actions, compassion and peaceful nature. The great sages, philosophers, poets and musicians of the world enliven the soul of the people to find strength, courage and unity through expressions of love, humanity and peace. ‘One love, one heart, lets get together and feel alright~ Bob Marley.

‘True love is boundless like the ocean and, rising and swelling within one, spreads itself out and, crossing all boundaries and frontiers, envelopes the whole world’ ~ Mahatma M.K.Gandhi

Buddhism is a philosophy and way of life, teaching that the Buddha nature is the fundamental essence of all beings. In everybody, there is the seed of love, compassion, kindness and wisdom; the insight to perceive the true nature of existence. This Buddha nature grows and blossoms into a lotus of peace, freedom and enlightenment. Maitri is a form of Buddhist mediation that blesses all beings with love, contentment and well being.

Buddhism teaches that the there is the seed of love, compassion and kindness in all beings, the Buddha nature. This essence grows and blossoms into a lotus place of happiness, peace and freedom. Maitri is a form of Buddhist mediation that blesses all beings with love, contentment and well being.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu is a Sanskrit mantra that translates as: ‘May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all’. The deepest love in every yogis heart.

Love is embedded deeply within our being, the world around and in every beating heart. The deeper you love, the lighter your world, the brighter soul. Observe the way your actions of loving kindness are sweetly returned and the joy that comes to light in your heart.


The LOVE that is in your heart creates the LIGHT in the world around you.

Light your life and heart with LOVE through the beautiful practice of Vinyasa Flow Yoga



Open your heart everyday this February with Surya Namaskar and a series of back bending asana.

Backbends open the chest, shoulders, abdomen and back, detoxifying the spine and allowing fresh blood to absorb into the spinal column, nourishing this vital axis that supports your body and being. Backbends align the spinal chord, improve the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems.

Anahata chakra is located at the heart and is our energetic centre of love. Heart opening asana balance and energise this infinite, radiant aspect of our being, creating a sense of deep love within you, radiating into the world around you. A big heart; a place in your heart for everyone; a heart as deep as the ocean. Breathe in love and breathe out love with every heartbeat, with every breath.

Backbends are an energising, feel good asana, creating a sense of lightness, brightness and love in your being.