Balance Your Being

balance your beingYoga and ayurvedic traditions teach that the key to holistic well-being is balance.

The gunas are three aspects of nature present in all beings: tamas, earth, rajas, fire, sattva, light. Tamas creates a sense of stability and strength; inner trust, and faith; arising to stillness and serenity within. Tamas is the strong foundation that enables you to grow towards the infinite sky. Rajas has the energy of fire, dynamism, power, radiance and shine. Like the energy of the sun, rajas lifts tamas from the deep earth towards bright blue sky, infusing colour and vibrancy into life. Fire is the radiance of self, the brightness of being, your inner shine. Rajas fire, becomes tejas, light. Sattva is the luminosity of the soul, the serenity of spirit, the light of divine essence.

One guna does not reside over another, for there must be perfect balance of elemental energy for growth, radiance and light to rise. The ground enables you to fly, the golden sun empowers your wings to expand, the light guides your soul journey.

Elemental equanimity is at the heart of universal harmony and we are an integral part of this intricate web. The balance within your body, the harmony within your heart and light within your being emanates into the world around you, contributing to universal equanimity, happiness and freedom.

Balance your body, mind and being through the beautiful practice of Vinyasa Flow Yoga!