Celebrating Advanced Yoga Certification

Svadyaya is the fourth niyama of Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga. ‘Sva’ means the Self and ‘Adyaya’ means lesson or reading; therefore, we bare witness to the Self through internal enquiry, meditation and yogic scriptures.

The journey of yoga is a deep dive into all aspects of the whole being: body, mind, heart and spirit. Svadyaya attunes us with the authentic Self, expanding our thoughts and hearts beyond limited perspectives, opening the sky of our highest potential.

I have been a teacher for thirteen years, but a student throughout my whole life. Svadyaya has opened gateways to travel the world, life opportunities, community, creativity, insight, inner trust and self love. It is an infinite journey, leading to expansion, growth and limitless possibilities.

I have completed over a thousand hours of yoga teacher training and it has been an incredible experience opening bright new horizons. I am now celebrating my advanced 300 hour yoga certification with Sianna Sherman and I have an abundance of inspiration to share. I cannot wait to explore it all with you!


Expand, explore and grow through the beautiful practice of Vinyasa Flow Yoga