Teen Yoga Retreat

Inner Guidance Retreat Centre
24th August 2016

Hill Farm is a beautiful, 500 year old, tudor retreat centre. It is set on a hill within three acres of peaceful farmland, located just outside the historic, medieval village of Lavenham.

In the morning, we experienced a water element Vinyasa Flow class, incorporating creative sequencing, arms balance, handstand and back bends. This dynamic, yet soulful practice was balanced with a sweet blend of restorative yoga to harmonise the body, mind and soul.

We shared a delicious, healthy lunch together outside on the terrace and under the trees in the gardens. It was wonderful to watch mums and daughters connecting with each other through yoga, nature and food ~ precious time together.

Our afternoon class took place outside on the beautiful lawns under the open, blue sky. We enjoyed heart-expanding lunar flows, partner yoga, meditation and relaxation.

The owners of the Inner Guidance Retreat Centre are passionate about cocoa, sourced in Guatamala and used in their exquisite cuisine. Dom gave an education into the health benefits of pure chocolate and offered us a tantalising cocoa ceremonial cake to expand our taste buds.

We finished our day together with a deeply relaxing Gong Bath. The deep vibrations of the gong resonate the energies of the body and the sound invites the the mind to become peacefully serene and still.

This retreat offered a wonderful opportunity for teens and mums to learn more about yoga, meditation and relaxation, sharing this special experience with other young yoginis, family and nature.

Join on the next Teen Yoga Retreat on 17th August 2017
It will be a wonderful day!