Free to Flow Yoga Retreat

11Brooklands Barn, Arundel, West Sussex, 29 – 31 May 2015

River flows to ocean waves, a fairy tale castle in the distance ~ I left my soul down by the sea.

The journey of yoga creates a path for you to explore the beauty of your body, your breath, your being on the simplicity of a yoga mat. Momentarily, there is a shimmering glimpse, an insight into the loving, blissful, light that is your soul. These fleeting experiences lighten our hearts, yet we are quickly absorbed into the distractions of daily life.

Yoga retreats create the time and space in our lives go deeper and truly immerse our being into the beautiful, blissful practice of yoga.

Lotus Love Yoga Retreats created this unique, authentic yoga experience at the luxurious Brooklands Barn near the historic town of Arundel, West Sussex. The 19th century converted barn is situated in the natural beauty of the South Downs National Park. The peaceful surroundings offer panoramic, picturesque views of open countryside and river side walks; the sandy beaches and soulful sea nearby.

Brooklands Barn has luxurious setting with an indoor, heated pool, a sauna, a yoga studio with wooden floors and a vaulted ceiling and private gardens. The living spaces are beautifully furnished with wooden floors, exposed beams and an inglenook fire place. The dining area has floor to ceiling windows with stunning views onto the large courtyard, with al fresco dining on balmy, summer evenings.


On waking up in this stunning location, we did an energising, yang Vinyasa Flow practice. Moving through beautiful sequencing and creative namaskars, we explored elemental vinyasa: the Earth, the ocean, the sun, the sky, the stars, the universe within. Our yoga journey was uniquely inspired by the symbolism, metaphors and iconology of Ganesha.


These soulful practices created a sense of connection, openness and vibrancy, leaving yogis feeling lovingly energised, uplifted and alive. The special bonds and friendships formed on these retreats reflect the unifying yogic energy created within our yoga community.

The delicious raw and vegetarian food was a memorable highlight, lovingly and creatively prepared by a professional caterer, Cashew Catering. A divine, delicious, gentle detox for total well-being. Our yoga community bonded beautifully between food for their body and food their soul.


In the early mornings and afternoons, yogis enjoyed time to relax in the pool, the sauna and the gardens, absorbing the peace and beauty of their surroundings. Others enjoyed the countryside walk along the River Arun to Arundel, a quirky, historic town, home to the fairytale Arundel Castle.

On the first evening, our group experienced yoga nidra; a deep, yet conscious relaxation to rest and rejuvenate their body and being after their energising, dynamic yoga practice. On the second evening, we were graced with the deep and soulful voice of Gavin Frank, who led a beautiful kirtan practice; chanting the ancient sanskrit mantras of India, with the rhythmic sounds of the African bongo and Indian harmonium.


To bring our beautiful weekend to a close, we relaxed with peach iced teas, coffees and cocktails down by the sea at Little Hampton. The soft horizon and calm blue-green sea blessed our blissful weekend of yoga, experience, inspiration and friendship.


‘Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do’ ~ Rumi

Sharing the Joys of Yoga

Satisfied Yogis

Thank you so much for a truly beautiful weekend. It was absolute perfection for me and I loved every second of it! Thank you for all your hard work in organising and running it. The weekend will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Jane Simpson

I really enjoyed the way the asana’s flowed into each other and the music. It was carefully planned, touching briefly on postures at the beginning and then re-introducing them again at the end of the weekend. The philosophy was one of my favourite parts of the retreat; the theme was excellent and so interesting. The asana’s linked so well into the story. The readings were beautifully chosen. I would like to know more about the Indian culture and how this is used in their country. I thought Brooklands Barn was just perfect ~ I would be happy to return and the food was delicious.

Amy Goss

I found Heidi’s energy was infectious and it encouraged me to spend more time practising yoga. Thank you so much for a really well planned, well executed, fun and very beneficial three days.

Serena Illingstons

Thank you for creating yet another lovely retreat. It was great ~ I can still feel the effect!

Felicia Stuhldreher

I was inspired by the whole experience. The yoga sessions made me love yoga even more than before the retreat. The venue was amazing; the food was out of this world; the Kirtan chanting was freeing and relaxing. The organisation of the retreat was seamless and hosting was fantastic, creating a relaxed, chilled and happy vibe. I felt energised, yet relaxed, leaving with a true sense of happiness and peace, something that I haven’t felt for a long time. It was an absolutely perfect retreat for me in every way.

Jane Simpson

I loved the flow of the classes and the opportunity to try new postures and have time to practice them and work on them throughout the weekend. I really enjoyed learning about the philosophy as I love learning.

Leanne Appleby Hepburn