Indian Colours


Indian colours that dance for the sun,
Soft light on the dawn of day,
The soul in the sky, an infinite blue,
Skyline of palms, an emerald wave.

Golden sands of sun light rays,
Rhythms of rolling ocean,
Waves like pearls in folds of silk,
Soft pink sun in dancing motion.

Lotus light upon emerald hills,
A labyrinth of spiralling creations,
Western Ghats, ascending, descending,
Undulating rhythms, rolling formations.

Cascading light, shades of green,
Deep ti of India’s fertile heart,
Pearls of purity in emerald palm,
Elements whisper deep peace and calm.

Rainforest hills, a canopy of colour,
Mosaic of butterflies, blue as the sky,
Coconut, coffee, cardamom, spice,
A monkey calls its wilderness cry.

Shimmering sarees, Indian jewels,
Cascades of ebony, gems in their eyes,
Ruby, sapphire, emerald, gold,
Like light from the moon on fire flies.

Vibrant dance and martial arts,
Silks, sarees and textile crafts,
Sandalwood, oils, incense sweet,
The spirit of yoga from its ancient past.

Vibrant palaces, exotic grandeur,
Islamic opulence of the Majaraj,
Historic strength of Indian heritage,
Gandhi’s proud and peaceful march.

A mythical world of ancient faith,
Dancing Ganesha, Namaskaram,
Shiva, shakti, temple Meenakshi,
Devotion, bhakti, dharma, darshan.

India’s heartbeat, grace of sarees,
A land of colour, spice delight,
Faith in family, face of diversity,
Indian sun, I am blessed in your light.


‘Let the beauty of what you love be what you do’ – Rumi

Encounter the beauty of your being through your love of yoga