Namaste Nepal

Gentle Heart

Mountain steps fall softly to the Earth,
Light hearts lift to the open skies,
Serenity blossoms like the mountain flower,
Rivers cry soft tears within their eyes.

Himalayan hills, soaring eagles fly,
Green valleys roll below the mountains high,
Vast forests weave textured shades of green,
Rhododendrons bloom, bursting colour to the sky.
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School Gift Nepal Project

image4I have recently returned from an incredible trip to Nepal. A country blessed with the beauty of nature, open skies, snow capped Himalayan peaks, forests and flowers, mountain lakes, flowing rivers, ancient medieval cities and preserved indigenous Newari culture. Read More…

Shiva Shakti Yoga Retreat

West Lexham, Norfolk

6 -8 May 2016

Our summer retreat took place in a beautiful location in the heart of the North Norfolk countryside, only a short distance from the stunning, heritage beaches of Holkham and Wells-next-to-Sea. Twenty-five yoginis, one vinyasa flow yoga teacher, one hostess with the mostest, one musician, one raw food vegetarian chef made for a magic yoga weekend away.

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Soul Flow Yoga Retreat


Mill Retreat, Normandy, France

24 – 27 September 2015

Yoga means union. The union of the body, mind and spirit; the individual soul with the universal soul; nature, prakriti with divinity, purusa. This year’s autumn equinox retreat created the space for people to experience this depth of union within, but also the union of friendship amongst our beautiful yoga community.

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The Power of Intention

A new season, a new year, a new moon: a new beginning. These are beautiful opportunities to reflect on the flow of our lives; to celebrate the love, beauty and joy we experience; to consider the aspects of our lives and selves that we would love to enhance and expand.

Life is a journey of possibility, growth and evolution. Read More…

Inspirational Italy

13‘Stay Inspired’ was a teaching that I received at the end of a beautiful yoga class a few years ago, a message I hold close to my heart. We live in an exquisite world, blessed by natural beauty, colourful culture and humanity’s loving heart. We are truly blessed to be alive. Sometimes we are so absorbed in the intricacies of our lives that we miss the bigger picture, the inspirations, the teachings that are around us at every moment. Read More…

A Little Piece of Paradise – Sardinia Yoga, Porto Cervo, Sardinia

1I have just returned from teaching a beautiful Vinyasa Flow Yoga Retreat for Sardinia Yoga. It really was a little piece of paradise.

The Grand Hotel in Porto Cervo is a unique, boutique, luxurious environment set in lawned, colourful gardens surrounded by stunning, natural beauty. The hotel is positioned on forested hill top, offering ocean views from the gardens, outdoor pool, jacuzzi, and relaxation areas. The deep, blue sky, the golden sun, the colour of nature enlivens and soothes your body and being.

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Summer Solstice Yoga Celebration – with Live Music


The summer solstice is a celebration of life, light, happiness and abundance. We expressed this ancient, Celtic festival through a dance of breath and movement, a yoga tandava. This experience was enhanced by the ambient, Indian sounds of the sitar, played live by Finn Petcher and the soulful songs of April Rose Moodie. Read More…

Free to Flow Yoga Retreat

11Brooklands Barn, Arundel, West Sussex, 29 – 31 May 2015

River flows to ocean waves, a fairy tale castle in the distance ~ I left my soul down by the sea.

The journey of yoga creates a path for you to explore the beauty of your body, your breath, your being on the simplicity of a yoga mat. Momentarily, there is a shimmering glimpse, an insight into the loving, blissful, light that is your soul. These fleeting experiences lighten our hearts, yet we are quickly absorbed into the distractions of daily life.

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Indian Colours


Indian colours that dance for the sun,
Soft light on the dawn of day,
The soul in the sky, an infinite blue,
Skyline of palms, an emerald wave.

Golden sands of sun light rays,
Rhythms of rolling ocean,
Waves like pearls in folds of silk,
Soft pink sun in dancing motion. Read More…